About Me


I’m Matteo. I help companies solve their data problems and expand their possibilities by connecting business, data, and people. I have a passion for bridging the gap between people and technology while solving interesting — and possibly hard — problems.

I crave learning and sharing knowledge. I have attended and spoken at numerous conferences and events, most recently at EuroPython, Berlin Python Pizza, and PyCon DE.

A Physicist by training, I have studied in Italy and France and obtained my PhD at the Ecole Polytechnique in France, in the field of theoretical solid-state Physics. I started a promising career in academia but soon realized I needed to do something different for a living. After a bit of soul-searching, I turned my attention to the field of machine learning and AI and started working as a freelance Data Scientist.

In my spare time I usually work on personal or public open-source projects, which I usually list on my blog or in my portfolio.

I also try to help out the Python and tech community. I contribute or have contributed at various levels to several initiatives such as PyBerlin, PyLadies Berlin, PyData Berlin, and DjangoGirls Berlin.